Vanda Maddison

Vanda founded The Suit Works in 2016 after volunteering with Suited and Booted in London for a few weeks.  With a background in retail and charity admin and finance she was looking for something more creative and entrepreneurial where she was able to use her passion for fashion and design whilst helping people with their confidence.  Training as an image consultant in 2003/4 helped her to think about a possible career in styling.

” My degree was in performing arts and I was always fascinated by what story we are telling through our body language and the way we dress and how we can change the story or how we relate to others.  I was brought up with a love of clothes, fabric and design and have been a keen sewer since my teenage years.   I was always taking my friends shopping and helping them with their wardrobes so I am surprised it has taken me this long to make it my career. It was important to me that whatever I did had an altruistic dimension and it took me a while to find a suitable business model”.


  Faye Mellors

Faye  joined The Suit Works in May 2019 as project lead to launch the ladies service and to provide ongoing support to the men’s service.

With a background in the NHS and the Charity sector within governance, community engagement and event planning, this was the perfect role for her that enabled her to put all of her skills together to help The Suit Works grow.

Faye is hugely passionate about supporting the most vulnerable in society and believes everyone has their own story. One of her favourite parts of the role is meeting clients and getting to know them.

“Like most small charities, our role as a staff member changes from day to day. It’s easy to get caught up in background charity admin. Whilst this is vital to keeping the service going, there is nothing like a day with clients to make us realise why we do this. What you wear has the potential to be extremely powerful; it can affect your mindset and it can influence the first impressions of others. This is still so important when attending an interview or your first day at work. Clients can often arrive with little confidence and can be nervous about their appointment with us. But after an hour of chatting, styling and a little confidence boost, they are good to go! It’s great to hear the excitement in their voices when they see themselves in their new outfits. To know we have played a small part in helping them reach their potential is the ultimate in job satisfaction!”

All of this and her love of ridiculous items of clothing, makes this the perfect role for Faye!